Offering gentle acupuncture, herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy, and nutritional guidance for effective and comprehensive treatment of internal disorders, stress, and pain.


An Ancient & Effective

Medical System

This 2000 year old medical system has gone through the test of time, proving to be effective for many of the diseases for which western medicine has difficulty managing, such as chronic fatigue, immunological disorders, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, degenerative disorders, substance abuse, and of course, pain.

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Mastery of Acupuncture

Decades of experience

Over Forty years of practice has given Sarah experience in a great variety of clinical cases. She works in a comprehensive style in order to unravel the root cause and contributing factors of every health disorder. Her treatment approach is very individualized, utilizing a variety of acupuncture styles and other therapeutic modalities based on the presentation of each patient...

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Meridian Lines

Acupuncture points are located along 'meridians' or lines of energy flow, which directly irrigate and influence the internal organs.



Meditation carries the potential of offering to the conscious mind the psychic blockages impeding a free flow of energy.


Therapeutic Setting

A relaxed and safe therapeutic setting allows the opportunity for awareness and curiosity to sink into the body.


Catalytic Transformation

Acupuncture and other healing modalities are catalytic to personal transformation.